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OCEANH2 Project

The main objective of the OCEANH2 project is to establish the technological bases for the generation of green hydrogen (pollution-free hydrogen obtained by renewable energies) in the offshore field, studying different implementation scenarios, and multiple flexible modular design alternatives for the production chain, of all the necessary equipment, and of the storage and export systems, being able to adapt to multiple levels of required power.

To fulfill this objective, a group of 8 companies are participating in the consortium, financed by the CDTI: Acciona Industrial (coordinator and leader of the project) , Acciona Construcción, Acciona ingeniería, Redexis, Ariema, BlueNewables, Wunder Hexicon and TSI.

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TSI enters the project as leader of a total of 6 main tasks of OCEANH2 (A3. Subsystems integration challenges and plant modeling), developing tasks ranging from the development, from the conceptual level to its installation in some equipment, of an integral monitoring system of all the assets of the production chain (monitoring parameters such as accelerations, temperatures, and other structural parameters), to the development of structural studies and analysis, static and dynamic, using FEMs, of Wunder Hexicon’s offshore twin-turbine wind platform, and BlueNewables  floating solar photovoltaic platform, the first of its kind. TSI is also supporting other partners in their respective tasks bringing knowledge gained during his many years of experience in the industry.

With the completion of the project, in addition to aligning Spain with European commitments on climate change, the knowledge and technologies developed can be taken to other sectors of the industry, outside the naval sector, to serve as a basis for continuing the decarbonization of all the Spanish industry in accordance with the European objectives.

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