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Root Cause Analysis

Over 35 Years Carrying Out Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Failure analysis or root cause analysis aims to determine the causes of failures in order to take preventive measures to avoid them.

It is important to highlight the dual function of this analysis methodology:

  • To determine the causes of a failure.
  • To define measures to avoid their occurrence, once these causes have been determined.

When a piece of equipment or a facility fails, it is usually for one of eight reasons:

  • Design flaws.
  • Supply of defective materials.
  • Assembly failure.
  • Operation failure.
  • Maintenance failure.
  • Failure of supply conditions.
  • Failures caused by abnormal external conditions.
  • Failure as a result of another failure.

Root cause analysis seeks to solve problems by trying to correct or eliminate their origin, rather than simply treating the obvious symptoms immediately.

Solving the cause of the failure reduces the likelihood of recurrence. Root cause analysis is often considered an iterative process, and is often used as a continuous improvement tool.

This methodology is applicable to any type of plant, process and/or machinery.

TSI has worked as a neutral party in claims between companies, with insurance companies, national and international arbitration with technicians of recognized prestige in theindustrial and marine world

Failure analysis on turbopumps

Breakdown Analysis on firepumps

Failure analysis on turbopumps

Breakdown Analysis on Boiler Pumps

Low Pressure Turbines at a Thermosolar Plant

Combined Cycle Turbines

Failure analysis on turbopumps

Wind Turbine Gearbox

TSI has been carrying out root cause studies for over 35 years, identifying the cause of breakdowns and proposing effective solutions agreed with our clients, in various plants, processes and/or machinery. Find out more about the services offered by TSI.

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