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Special Tests and Measurements

Marine Services

Special Tests and Measurements

TSI has instrumentation and a team of experts to carry out different marine tests, special tests and measurements in the marine sector and vessels´ machinery and equipment, including:

  • Comfort noise and vibration measurements.
  • Torsional /lateral / axial vibrations
  • Sound insulation measurements.
  • Impact sound insulation.
  • Underwater radiated noise measurements.
  • Noise radiated to the harbour.
  • Power, torque and speed.
  • Habitability measurments.
  • Fat and sat tets.
  • Hvac reception sat tets.
  • Dynamic tets with eccentric mass shaker.
  • Pressure pulses induced by the propeller. (full scale).
  • Cavitation detection.
  • Shaft lines reactions measurements.

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