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Maintenance Digitalization 4.0

We Offer “TurnKey” Solutions

Maintenance Digitalization 4.0

Currently, the digitalization processes and the need for “Reliable and Connected” DATA are leading the corporate investment and the most important changes in the industry Additionally, the advances in instrumentation technology and monitoring systems, in conjunction with a new generation of methods for data treatment and data processing are pushing the maintenance and reliability departments to reinvent themselves by focusing on creating new tools for machine health control and monitoring. The common goal is:

  • To enhance control for operative risk.
  • Optimize maintenance costs.
  • Enhancement of decision-making processes.
  • Encourage the development of technical personnel by promoting skills with high added value for the company.

Following the trend of the Industry 4.0, at TSI we offer the best adapted solutions for our clients, by contributing with our historical background, our know-how and our technical solvency in every stage of what could constitute an Instrumentation and Monitoring Project for Dynamic and Static Actives.

The combination of our classic commercial solutions with modern trends, our capability to develop new technological systems within our R&D department to meet global market needs, our activity in the market since 1983 and our Projects and Maintenance department, is what makes of TSI your best possible partner from Specification & Design to the Decision Making Stage.

At TSI we have proven experience and reference projects in the field of instrumentation and monitoring systems; offering our clients everything from a simple supply to a turnkey implementation.

The number and type of machines to be included on a CBM program shall be based on technical and economical criteria such as repair costs, equipment criticality, spares availability, downtime allowance, failure evolution time, etc.

Online systems or continuous monitoring allows real time data gathering for multiple sensor signals sending all the information for data processing and storage as well as being shared with the plant database platform.

At TSI we have proven experience and reference projects in the field of instrumentation and monitoring systems; offering our clients everything from a simple supply to a turnkey implementation. Likewise, we offer an integral support based on the following activities:


  • Technical consultancy for the selection of the most appropriate technology.
  • Design of the project in relation to the type of signals and communications.
  • Design-manufacturing-supply of necessary components to complete the project.
  • Certification of monitoring cabinets based on seismic-shock-etc. requirements using numerical calculation methodologies.
  • Advice on the location and assembly of the instrumentation in the target assets.
  • Documentation and detail engineering.
  • Design of the layout of monitoring cabinets and their assembly-labelling.
  • Configuration of monitoring systems.
    Carrying out acceptance tests at our facilities (FAT) and at the customer’s facilities (SAT).
  • Supply of the instrumentation and monitoring systems.
  • Installation, commissioning and training.

Technical consultancy for design, implementation, formation and continuous improvement in instrumentation and monitoring system projects for dynamic and static equipment of any kind.

Additionally once instrumentation and monitoring systems are in place and operational at TSI we continue to offer our support for the analysis and interpretation of signals in order to continuously monitor the health of the assets under supervision, issuing diagnoses and recommending actions to alleviate present problems.

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