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Technology and Developments

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Technology and Developments


– Cavitation is the main cause of propeller and rudder erosion and one of the most important source of underwater radiated noise and onboard vibration & noise in ships. Moreover, it may cause performance degradation in terms of energy efficiency. – Ni-CDS provides warning to the personnel on board when cavitation phenomena occur, allowing actions regarding controlling of propeller rotational speed and/or blade pitch angle during operational phases to avoid cavitation.

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Inspection and Diagnosis Assisted by Operator

– IDAO platform has been developed with the aim to enhance CBM inspection procedures to pave the way for a cultural change that eases the involvement of the crew in this type of activities. This way, any member of the crew has the capability to contribute in the assessment and monitoring of the machinery condition. – IDAO enables us to group many measurement techniques in a unique portable equipment enabling the operator to save time. Moreover, the use of this equipment can harmonise crew training and management of the device.

Sea Trials Comprehensive Management

Comfort Assessment:
– Noise & Vibration according Standard and Class Notations.
– Sound Insulation Measurements.
– Impact Measurements.
– Habitability.
– Vessels motions accelerations.

Operational Performance:
– Power & Speed test.
– Manoeuvrability test: Evolution Circle, Zig. Zag, Crash-Stop, Man-overboard.

Machinery Integrity:
– Torsional /Lateral / Axial vibrations.
– Vibration measurements in the Main Machinery and Auxiliary Equipment.
– Reaction Measurement in Shaft Line Bearings

Vessel Monitoring:
– Baseline condition of Rotating Machinery.
– Baseline condition of Structure and continuous SHM.
– Sensor Network Installation and Data Obtaining for Digital Twin Models.
– Condition-Based and Predictive Maintenance.
– Condition of machinery on board

Non-Intrusive Cavitation Detection Test
– Verification of cavitation operational profiles.
– Ni-CDS – Non intrusive Cavitation Detection System.

Underwater radiated noise measurements
– Assessment of noisy operational profiles according to Standard and Class Notations.
– Recommendations to reduce your ship acoustic signature.
– Noise radiated to the harbour measurements.
– Underwater radiated noise measurements.

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Vibration Loose Parts Monitoring System

– The loose parts monitoring part of the system identifies loose or loosened parts in real-time. It automatically monitors and records structure-borne noises, detects signal bursts, analyzes and locates them and finally assigns them to event classes. – Develop by TSI and based on the latest Hardware and Software technologies and aimed at covering the gap obsolescence.