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INCASS Project

European FP7 programme, INspection CApabilities for Enhanced Ship Safety. Was led by University of Strathclyde and participated by a set of partners such as BV, TSI, RINA, LR, DANAOS, among others.

The challenge of the project was to deal with different solutions for efficient monitoring and ship inspections activities bringing together a set of experienced partners in order to address the issue of identification of risks and the access to information related to ship surveys independently of the ship flag state and inspection regime: The project attempted to enhance and harmonised cooperation among maritime stakeholders in order to avoid ship accidents, promote maritime safety and protect the environment. INCASS consortium aims to bring an innovative solution to the integration of monitoring, inspection, data gathering (including real-time information), risk analysis/management and Decision Support for ship structures, machinery and equipment in an efficient and collaborative manner. In addition, a non-intrusive cavitation detection system was developed by means of a vibration analysis algorithm.

Logotipo del proyecto europeo de I+D+i INCASS
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