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TSI performs successfully the sea trials of the construction C/540 of NAVANTIA PUERTO REAL. The ship “MONTE UDALA” is a SUEZMAX oil tanker whose dead weight is 156000T and her sea trials started on January 26th and finishes last February 4th. The shipyard, NAVANTIA PUERTO REAL, trusted TSI on the completion of these sea trials based on the countless successful projects between them through the long history of these two companies. At this time, TSI has led the following trials:

  • Shaft power tests. This test enables to correlate shaft power with ship speed, fuel consumption and emissions and eventually to adjust precisely the propulsion system. All of this enables us to verify the compliance with the demanding contractual requirements signed between the ship owner and the shipyard. The results of the test were successful.
  • Comfort noise and vibration measurements to assess the compliance of the demanding comfort requirements in force currently on board ships. TSI has verified the ship fulfils these requirements with wide margin.
  • Shaft torsional vibration measurements. Thanks to this test, TSI has obtained experimentally the shaft critical speed of torsion to adjust the control system to avoid the operational regime harmful for the shaft integrity.
  • Axial vibration measurements to verify the adequate behaviour of the damper to reduce the load to the thrust bearing of the ship.
  • Global vibration measurements. This test enables us to obtain experimentally the ship structure global critical frequencies at given load conditions. This test has revealed that due to the adequate selection of the main engine, there are no critical speeds for this ship.

All these tests have been properly supervised and approved by the shipyard, ship owner and the classification society.

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