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On the occasion of VA Marine SIG 2015 conference organized by ESI-GROUP at CEHIPAR facilities in Madrid on 14th and 15th April, TSI-“TÉCNICAS Y SERVICIOS DE INGENIERÍA, S.L” gave three conferences aimed to cover the more relevant issues of the design and on-site measurements of ships with underwater radiated noise requirements.

During the first conference: “Guidelines of how the shipbuilding industry can manage the new challenge with regard to controlling the underwater Imagen16radiated noise by ships.” Mr. Publio Beltrán, as General Manager of TSI, explained the present and future legal framework applicable to these type of ships and the proven methodology “Noise and Vibration Comprehensive Management” successfully developed by TSI in the design of the newest silent ships that are a benchmark in the European fleet.

The second conference, “Correlation between vessel full-scale measurements and URN numerical prediction in the framework of the AQUO EU project.” was focused on the satisfactory outcomes obtained from the comparative study between numerical predictions and experimental measurements conducted by TSI in a research vessel of the CONSEJO DE INVESTIGACIONES CIENTÍFICAS-CSIC. In conclusion, the study indicates the promising capabilities of the VA-One software developed by ESI-GROUP for this type of vibro-acoustic engineering, being recommended to extend the collaboration between this group and TSI in order to strength, complement and generate new validation cases of this software for its application to the shipbuilding industry.

Finally, Mr. Alfonso Moreno, an underwater acoustics engineering specialist in TSI, gave the conference entitled “New European underwater noise measurement standard developed in the AQUO project.”, where the deficiencies in the current standards of measurement were reviewed, suggesting a new procedure adapted to the European shallow waters with a comprehensive control of the uncertainty and repeatability. The development of this procedure, thanks to the “Collaboration Agreement” signed by BUREAU VERITAS and TSI has allowed developing the new class notation URN (BV-NR614) in order to certify the underwater radiated noise emitted by self-propelled ships.

This conference has highlighted the excellent positioning and capabilities of the involved companies, both at ship classification –BUREAU VERITAS-, engineering services –TSI– as numerical prediction tools –ESI-GROUP– to lead the Silent Ships global market. The current synergies between them, settled on several collaboration agreements in force, ensure to any potential customer the participation in its project of the best panel of experts able to deal with all stages of the design, construction and certification of ships complying with underwater radiated noise requirements.

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The new URN guides related to underwater noise emitted by commercial maritime transport have been approved and in which TSI has collaborated as a Spanish member of the international committee