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TSI has successfully implemented in Repsol the latest vibrometer / Meggitt technology in vibration monitoring for rotating machinery. The key of the project has been to incorporate the signals of existing sensors to the new monitoring system and its replacement with the minimum impact to the previous monitoring system manufacturer by Data Manager 2000 Bently Nevada / GE.

TSI has been implemented in Repsol Puertollano Plant an on-line vibration monitoring system in rotary compressors. This system is the latest Imagen4technology developed by the manufacturer vibrometer / Meggitt. This system aims to provide the appropriate monitoring and diagnosis functions, that are essential in this type of machines.

The key of the project has been to incorporate the signals from the existing sensors in the units to the new system of monitoring and the replacement with the minimum possible impact to the previous system, manufacturer by Data Manager 2000 Bently Nevada / GE. This actions has allowed our customer a significant cost savings and to carry out the implementation project in a short time.

The technology selected by Repsol based on VM600 architecture, consists on a centralizeImagen3d system with processing cards that has sixteen dynamics input channels each one and a data processing software system called Vibrosight®.

Vibrosight® is a software that enables data storage and processing such as: trends, frequency spectra, waveforms, orbits, waterfall … and a complete analysis for incorporating transient processing operation: Bode plots, waterfall, polar diagram and centre line.

Although Vibrosight® is a new technology recently launched to market it has important references and customers in addition to Repsol, customers such as Siemens, Ansaldo, Statoil.

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