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We start the TSI training cycles in 2023. From March to May, the first semester of specialized training begins at the TSI headquarters in Madrid (Spain). Although the training period is pre-established in this way, we have adapted courses in which the applicant company has all the flexibility to choose the location, time, and subject that best suits their needs.


With the completion of our courses, you will have a direct channel to our expert support for the resolution of special cases and the analysis of proposals adapted to the requirements of the moment. Taking any of our training courses will achieve a significant improvement in the efficiency of the daily work of plant operators, having greater control of production and its planning. There are many improvements obtained after the specialization of workers, such as:

  • Greater control of situations with potential risk to the safety of personnel and assets.
  • Greater reliability in vibration and noise measurements.
  • Improving the quality of the interpretation of vibration measurement data for more effective decision-making.
  • Implementation of predictive and preventive maintenance procedures as opposed to corrective.
  • Reduction of plant maintenance costs.
  • Reduced stress on maintenance teams, with fewer unscheduled stops.

In addition, you will be able to take advantage of the state bonus for training in companies and reduce the costs of the courses. Invest in knowledge to contribute to the growth plan so much demanded by professionals today.

Bet on predictive maintenance procedures as opposed to preventive and corrective and their multiple associated costs.

Our courses and the dates on which they are taught:

As part of our training brochure, we have category I, II, and III Vibration Analyst training from the prestigious Vibration Institute, whose completion dates are as follows*:

*It is an essential requirement to notify in advance necessary to be able to process registrations for the Vibration Analyst courses category I, II, and III. These courses are certified by the Vibration Institute and the participants will obtain their completion certificate. They reaffirm the theoretical and practical knowledge for the verification of the state of rotating machinery through vibration analysis; it delves into the signal processing, evaluation, and diagnosis of machinery; and it teaches how to detect and diagnose the most frequent mechanical failures through the measurement, analysis, and control of vibrations. For more information about the training itinerary, price, and registration, you can contact us: | (+34) 913 459 730 We are at Avda. Pío XII 44, Tower 2-Bajo izda. 28016 Madrid, Spain. We are waiting for your call! Técnicas y Servicios de Ingeniería, S.L. – More than 40 years offering noise and vibration solutions. *To carry out the courses it is necessary to have a minimum number of participants.

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We are very pleased to announce that Mr. Publio Beltrán, founder and CEO of TSI – Técnicas y Servicios de Ingeniería, S.L., has been awarded in the prestigious category of “Outstanding Professional” in the FINE 2024 Awards competition. This recognition is a well-deserved tribute to his tireless dedication, exemplary leadership and constant commitment to excellence in the Spanish shipbuilding industry.