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According to the dissemination strategy planned by FIBRESHIP, Spanish partners continue fostering the project with a series of conferences all around Spanish universities with potential interest in the application of composites material in the marine sector and large length vessels. This time the fourth conference was held at the Higher Technical School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (ETSIN) of UPM in Madrid on the 1st of October of 2019. As on previous events of this type, the aim was to show the amazing work carried out so far by FIBRESHIP Consortium and increase the interest in the use of FRP (Fibre-Reinforced Polymers) for large-length vessels design and shipbuilding in the future naval architects and marine engineers. In addition, a wide group of professors attended the conference, participating and showing interest all along with the event. FIBRESHIP would like to deeply thank ETSIN (UPM) their kindness and readiness to hold this conference of 5 presentations and Q&A session regarding an overall view of the project and its expected and current results, having the opportunity to show the outstanding demonstrator of FIBRESHIP, i.e. a ship block fully in composites of a fishing research vessel of 11m x 11m x9m and 20 tons, which was presented to the public in last June during the 2nd FIBRESHIP Workshop at iXblue in La Ciotat (France).  

  Five members of FIBRESHIP from TSI, COMPASS, SOERMAR and CIMNE presented different parts of the project, giving a general idea of the project to the attendees and presenting works carried out regarding composite material selection for large-length vessels, numerical models development, structural design strategy followed for the fishing research vessel, demonstrator building process, waste management findings of composites, among others. The agenda followed was:

  • “Presentación general del proyecto FIBRESHIP” (“FIBRESHIP Project: overall description of the project”). Alfonso Jurado (Head of R&D department at TSI and FIBRESHIP Coordinator).
  • “Materials for large length fibre based ships. Characterization, selection, and numerical analysis”. Joel Jurado (Researcher at CIMNE
  • “Computational Analysis Tools”. Julio García (Scientific Director at COMPASS and Professor at UPC).
  • “Aproximación al diseño estructural de un buque oceanográfico en materiales compuestos. Presentación de demostrador” (“FRV structural design approach in FRP materials. Demonstrator findings”). Eduardo Sánchez (Naval architect at TSI).
  • “Diseño estructural de un buque RoPax y tratamiento de residuos generados” (RoPax structural design approach and waste management). Cayetano Hoyos (Naval architect at SOERMAR ).


    For more info about Higher Technical School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (ETSIN), follow the link:    

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