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Last June took place at Meggitt Sensing System headquarter, a new convocatory of Vibration Analyst Category II certified serminar in order with ISO 18436-2.

This call had a big success where highlighted the interest of the Vibrometer staff for having the best training that complements their extensive experience in the manufacture of sensors and monitoring systems for rotating machinery applications.

That is the reason why the Vibrometer team relied on TSI for the training of its staff thought the Vibration Analyst Seminars, with which its objective was achieved; theoric and practical knowledge, deepen in the signal processing area, machine diagnosis, failure detection through the vibration analysis techniques. Sample of this was the results, with a 78% of pass rate.

TSI is an accreditation representative of this entity since 2014, the date on which started a consolidated and enriching relationship as result of the knowledge, experience and training capacity that TSI has develop along its history.

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