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The last 4th of October took place in Rottherdam a new edition of Innovation Expo, this exhibition is a meeting point of interest where the news of European projects that are carried out are announced. This year, the exhibition was attended for by more than 5000 people and 200 exhibitors.

For this reason, this scenario was perfect to promote H2020 FIBRESHIP (Grant Nº 723360), led by TSI and participated by other 17 companies from all over Europe. FIBRESHIP project attempts to develop a new market of FRP (Fibre-Reinforced Polymers) large-length vessels from engineering, production and life cycle point of view.

This forum has been also useful to meet with several companies related to the core business of TSI and to its research lines of interest, in order to keep growing TSI networking all over Europe.

In addition, TSI was also attending the 10 years of Eurostars European Funding R&D Program celebration, funding program focused on SMEs, representing a first step of international cooperation and a good chance to keep addressing R&D projects focused on products.