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This October, TSI team – Técnicas y Servicios de Ingeniería, went to Marseille in order to carry out several measurements on board the ship “André Malraux”, a research/supply vessel owned by the French government (DRASSM). The objective of the campaign is to compare the vibro-acoustic behavior of different construction material for ships. In the framework of the project FIBRESHIP, the materials to be compared are FRP versus steel/aluminium. For this aim, the vessel “André Malraux” built in FRP (36 m length) by iXblue in 2012 was selected. Thanks to the wide experience, above 40 years, dealing with this kind of tests, the objective of the campaign was achieved successfully. In this regard, the FRP and ship structure behavior were measured in several navigation conditions as well as the equipment that produce the excitations. On the other hand, as prior action to these sea trials, a structural FEM model of the ship structure was developed using the software “RamSeries” owned by the partner COMPASSIS. In this case, the goal was to compare the numerical results against the on-site data collected of the hydro-structural coupling in sailing condition. The list of carried out tests is as follow:

  • Source characterization
  • Noise and vibration onboard
  • Foundation mobility
  • Damping
  • Underwater signature
  • Hydro-structural coupling validation
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