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The last Friday, June 15, took place in the facilities of the CEHIPAR – Hydrographic Experience Channel of El Pardo, The Marine Technology Day for Defense Applications, this event is an initiative of the General Subdirectorate of Planning, Technology and Innovation (SDGPLATIN). The main objective of this meeting was created a forum for the presentation of needs and innovations by Ministry of Defense Agencies related to the marine sector, with the participation of representatives of national companies, technology centers and universities. They were responsible for highlighting the solutions to the needs of each of them. TSI participated in this event before the General Director Mr. Publio Beltrán, where the latest advances that were already applied to the reduction of Underwater Noise Signature for Military Vessels were exposed. In addition, it was emphasized in the remarkable improvements that these techniques provide in the matter of survival of ships: being directly related to the optimization of concepts such as susceptibility or detectability; critic aspects in the design and construction of this assets. Representatives of Spanish Navy and other personalities, showed interest in the implementation of the latest techniques in their ships and its contribution to the efficiency.

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