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During last May, it has taken place at Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant´s facilities a, “Vibration Analysis Certification Seminar according to ISO 18436-2” for a group of technicians from the Engineering Results Department.

This specialized seminar is within the program of continuous improvement in this nuclear power plant, that has been developed Imagen13in different areas and processes aimed to improve the security and availability of the plant.

This seminar developed under the methodology of the Vibration Institute has been given by Mr. Beltran, general manager of TSI, who has over 36 years of experience in vibration and noise engineering solutions in all types of facilities.

This seminar is taught in accordance with ISO 18436-2, it consists in a review of the basic concepts of the vibration theory, machinery diagnosis notions about balancing in rotating machinery.

As Client´s Satisfaction Index a rate of 9.3 out of 10 has been obtained,  the percentage of technicians who have passed the certification test has been 83%.