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Wilcoxon is a Meggitt group company represented in Spain by TSI – Técnicas y Servicios de Ingeniería. Wilcoxon has just launched to the market two new portable vibration collectors MAC200 and MAC800.

MAC200 is a basic and practical handle equipment easy to use. It helps to detect incipient failures on machinery, increasing the productivity of without making unplanned stops. This equipment has a very low cost of acquisition and maintenance. The analyser has configurable alarms and can Imagen1measure BDU parameter that indicates the damage of the indicative It also has colour display which can set the alarm levels to view the status of the machine graphically.

On the other hand, the MAC 800 shares the same features as above one but with some improvements. This equipment has DATAMATE software that allows data storage for later analysis. It has a resolution of 800 lines and a dynamic range of 96 dBA.

The MAC800 has two additional functions: the possibility to hear the noise caused by defects in bearings through headphones and also incorporates a strobe light to measure the speed of the machine.

The application of this equipment is mainly in the industrial sector (paper mills, power generation plants, ships …) but they can be used for vibration measurements at any type of machine

Both data collectors are supplied with an accelerometer and the necessary accessories for initiating the action from day one.

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