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This conference has been organized by COTECMAR within the context of COLOMBIAMAR 2013, a trade-fair on its sixth edition which took place between the 13th to March 15th 2013; in such an incomparable scenario as Cartagena de Indias, with a selected group of domestic and international companies. Among these participating foreign firms, this year’s Spanish collaboration has been one of the most prominent as much in academic standards as in its presence at the exhibition, made up of emblematic Spanish maritime companies.

The Spanish delegation,  on this occasion larger than previous meetings, has counted on the participation of SAES, represented by Mr. Antonio Cordero; BUREAU VERITAS España, represented by Director Mr Luis Guerrero; GABADI, represented by CEO Mr. Antonio Llago; SIKA SPAIN, represented by Mr. Oscar Ovejero; and TSI Técnicas y Servicios de Ingeniería SL; represented by CEO Mr. Publio Beltrán Palomo.

Both the exhibition and the conference have been held at The Julio César Turbay Ayala Convention Center in Cartagena de Indias. The exhibition N_55_1objectives were to seek and to contribute with corporate integration of repair and maintenance naval construction sector into a market eager for progress and growth in the Caribbean area, providing business opportunities for the most important manufactures, business owners, sales representatives, domestic and foreign goods and services distributors linked to the industry.

With such a purpose, a selected group of natives and international companies gathered for this event with the intention of generating synergies through appropriation of knowledge to contribute with the development of the maritime interests of the country.

At the same time as the progress of the exhibition, the 3rd International Ship Design and Naval Congress CIDIN 2013, is carried out as an event on the popularization of science with twice-yearly periodicity. The conference’s mission is to act as a gathering place for professionals committed to research, innovation and improvement in topics related to the naval engineering and architecture, spreading those scientific results in order to promote the fluvial, maritime and naval Colombian Industry.

Under the motto: “To the strengthening of the technological abilities for the development of the maritime national power – Strategic Surface Plan”, three core ideas have been established for the presentation of works: design, technology and ship building, ship nucleus systems, combat systems, and productivity and competitiveness in the naval sector.

Of the strategic importance that Colombia claims for its maritime sector in the next twenty years, good account gave on the opening day his Excellency the Defense Secretary Mr. Juan Carlos Pinzón and the whole high headquarters of the Colombian armed forces with their attendance. In his brilliant opening speech and after admitting how Colombia had been turning its back on its coastlines with 2,900 kms on both oceans, and more than 14,000 kms navigable rivers, the Secretary put an emphasis on the Armed Forces role as a drug trafficking defender and as a result the country consolidation. After presenting the “Strategic Surface Plan”, he managed to make clear the government’s will to turn Colombia into a maritime power in the southern zone. After his visit to the exhibition, he had the gentility of conversing with the Spanish firms attending the congress encouraging them to work together in such an ambitious project based on our common history.

Focused on the academic program, the Spanish section was represented by Mr. Luis Guerrero CEO BUREAU VERITAS Spain who presented his speech “Energy Efficiency: an opportunity for research and improvement”. This time a special stress was placed on energy efficiency in civil and military new ships based on BV’s military ships classification backgrounds after a revision to the regulatory framN_55ework relating to gas emissions.

 Mr. Adolfo Hernández representing SAES, presented the speech “Underwater multi-influence measurements as a mean to characterize the overall vessel signature and protect the marine environment”, in which the importance controlling acoustics, electrical and electromagnetic vessels marks was a high point, not only from a strategic point of view (warships), but for sea life protection.

 On the other hand, Mr. Publio Beltrán Palomo representing TSI – Técnicas y Servicios de Ingeniería S.L., presented his speech “The most recent Noise & Vibration Assessment of the European Fleet, within the framework of SILENV Project”. In this lecture, after an introduction of new common policy regulations relating to noise and vibrations on board, noise spread to docks and water, which tend to represent alterations in ships design and in consequence on its costs, an updated 171 vessels noise and vibration database research was announced within SILENV Project. This research works for the good of the sector and can also be used as an instruction booklet for silent-ships building new requirements or for those ones about “low environmental impact”.

And last but not least, as part of technical sessions offered to participating organizations in this event, SIKA-GABAD-TSI presented the seminar-conference “Noise in ships. Technical, Insulation and Empowerment Solutions”. In the above mentioned session which possessed the participation of COTECMAR design engineering staff, were presented problem-solving capacities in “Acoustics Integral Solutions” for ships by the corporate group.

It is worth mentioning the warm welcome that the Spanish delegation of companies and institutions received at this congress. It is revealed how important the Spanish Maritime Sector is nowadays due to its extensive experience as a ship-building area which can set up work ties with Latin-America emerging naval construction in the next years.


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The new URN guides related to underwater noise emitted by commercial maritime transport have been approved and in which TSI has collaborated as a Spanish member of the international committee