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Continuous training plays a key role in the integration of professionals in the labor market. For this reason, and to provide continuous and updated training to professionals, TSI has developed a series of courses focused on the study and analysis of noise and vibration, focused on the practicality of each of them, and has been providing for more than 35 years.

TSI is defined by providing aseptic training, independent of commercial brands, and aimed at the personal qualification of each professional, with an open and practical approach. In addition, TSI is characterized by listening to professionals and providing them with courses adapted to their needs, both in form and format.


TSI courses can be taken in person or online. In both, the presentation of a topic by an expert is combined with a participatory and group dynamic. Thanks to the classes, students can solve problems they encounter in their workplace autonomously. In addition, they will develop a greater ability to identify faults and act quickly.



28 to 1: CBM Course Condition Based Maintenance on Vessels

6 to 8: Vibrations and Noise on Vessels

13 to 14: Vibrations on Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines

20 to 21: MPA and Wind Turbine Monitoring Course

25 to 27: Predictive Maintenance of Failures – MPA Course


10 to 12: Course on Failures – Practical Cases

15 to 19: Vibration Analyst Category I – CAT I

22 to 26: Vibration Analyst Category II – CAT II


6 to 10: Vibration Analyst Category III – CAT III

21 to 23: Course on Vibration and Pump Failure Analysis

TSI has the honor of being the official representative in Spain of the prestigious American institution, Vibration Institute.

The fundamental mission of this institute is to disseminate practical information to evaluate the behavior and condition of assets. In its commitment to the exchange of technical knowledge in the field of vibration, the Vibration Institute offers educational programs and specialized courses.

Cursos Analista de vibraciones CAT por vibration Institute

Of particular note is the Vibration Institute’s Vibration Analyst Program, recognized for maintaining one of the highest standards of knowledge and competence among industry professionals. It is a notable benchmark, backed by being the only certification program accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB). This recognition underlines the quality and validity of the program, consolidating its position as a leader in vibration analyst training.

For training tailored to the specific needs of your company, contact us and we will advise you. At TSI we are committed to providing real solutions that drive the success of work teams and the efficiency of plant operations. With the immediate application of what is learned during the trainings, a reduction of the risk premium is achieved and, therefore, a reduction of maintenance costs. For more information:

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At TSISL, we don’t just impart knowledge; we build experts. Our commitment is to guide you in the pursuit of excellence in noise and vibration, strengthening your skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of the professional world.

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