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We are pleased to inform you that TSI has delivered the first Ni-CDS (Non-Intrusive Cavitation Detection System) in its portable version to the Center of Metrology and Acoustic and Magnetic Calibration (CEMCAM) of the Spanish Navy, located in Cartagena, Spain. CEMCAM plays a crucial role in obtaining and controlling the acoustic signature of Spanish Navy ships, among other responsibilities. From the beginning, CEMCAM showed great interest in the Ni-CDS system developed by TSI and requested its adaptation, both in hardware and software, to meet their needs in the different ships, regardless of their location.

The portable version of the Ni-CDS system is an easily transportable suitcase, equipped with an integrated touch screen, and quick and easy to install on any type of vessel. The system connects to the vessel’s network, making it easy to take data from the bridge or engine control room. In addition, this portable version provides the flexibility to measure and monitor the acoustic signature of vessels in different locations.

During the delivery process, our TSI technicians came to CEMCAM to commission the system and familiarize the center’s personnel with its use and operation. We provided comprehensive training to ensure that CEMCAM staff can take full advantage of all the system’s functionalities. In addition, we offer continuous support to solve any doubt or problem that may arise during the use of the Ni-CDS system.

The Ni-CDS system developed by TSI is an advanced and accurate tool for the detection of cavitation in vessels. Cavitation is a phenomenon that occurs when vapor bubbles form in water due to a drop in liquid pressure. This formation of vapor bubbles can cause damage to vessel components and structures, as well as increase the acoustic signature, which can be detected by enemy sonar systems.

The Ni-CDS system uses non-intrusive sensors that record vibrations caused by cavitation in real time. This data is collected and analyzed using sophisticated algorithms to identify and quantify the presence of cavitation. This information is crucial for ship maintenance and repair operations, as it allows preventive measures to be taken to minimize the negative effects of cavitation and ensure the safety and optimal performance of vessels. If you are a reader interested in energy efficiency, the environment or in implementing technical improvements to reduce the acoustic signatures of your existing vessels, we invite you to request a no-obligation demonstration of our Ni-CDS system.

Our team of experts will be happy to show you how the system can benefit your organization and help you maintain the integrity and efficiency of your vessels. At TSI, we are dedicated to developing innovative and advanced solutions that our customers need to achieve their goals. Our commitment to quality and customer service has enabled us to establish strong and lasting relationships with diverse players in the marine industry for more than 40 years. We are proud to be able to work in partnership with CEMCAM and other customers to provide cutting-edge technology solutions that make a difference in vessel performance and safety.

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