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Last 29th and 30th of November, the First International Meeting on Knowledge and Blue Growth “InnovAzul” was held at the Conference and Exhibition Center of Cadiz. It is an international meeting of innovation companies in the sector of the Blue Economy. The main objective was the promotion of public competitiveness towards a circular economic model and sustainable development. InnovAzul 2018 stands, therefore, as an essential meeting point for companies seeking technology, administrations, generators of knowledge and technological agents for the innovation and the socio-economic development of the marine and maritime sectors. These conferences were attended by more than 1,200 people and 300 companies from the marine and maritime sectors, there were 70 stands, as well as an extensive program of lectures and round tables where 140 international experts exposed their experiences and knowledge.

Among these 140 experts, TSI as the coordinator company of the European project H2020 FIBRESHIP (Grant Nº 723360), presented the project at the round table within the program “marine industry 4.0 in the naval and off-shore sector”. FIBRESHIP project attempts to develop a new market of FRP (Fibre-Reinforced Polymers) large-length vessels from engineering, production and life cycle point of view. This forum has been also useful to meet with several companies related to the core business of TSI and to its research lines of interest, in order to keep growing TSI networking all over Europe.

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The new URN guides related to underwater noise emitted by commercial maritime transport have been approved and in which TSI has collaborated as a Spanish member of the international committee