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Last June took place on the ITP Aero´s plant in Zamudio, where the Group carried out the manufacturing of gas turbine and the design of new products, a new call for Vibration Analyst Category I Seminar, that finished with a fantastic 100% pass rate, this result show the interest of this organization to acquire this kind of knowledge.

This seminar helps the assistants to acquire the basic knowledge necessary for the verification of the rotating machinery state, in addition to obtain an international endorsed by Vibration Institute, American organization with more than 45 years of experience on the mechanical vibrations area.

The training of Vibration Analyst Category I according to ISO 18436-2 consists of 32 teaching hours and ends with an exam which the applicants must to show the knowledge acquired during the learning.

The endeavor that some companies as ITP Aero, which make an effort to specialize their staff on the Vibration Analyst area is the example of how the market has observed the efficiency and effectiveness of the techniques in compliance with industry standards.

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