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Last October, took place in Petronor (Muzkinz, Vizcaya) new edition of Vibration Analyst Category II. This training gives to the Petronor staff, the opportunity of reaffirm and deepen signal processing, evaluation and diagnosis of machinery using vibration analysis in addition to the detection and diagnosis of the most common mechanical failures by measurements, analysis and control, business area that TSI has been developing from the beginning of its activity. For this reason, it isn´t a coincidence that TSI has on its portfolio this kind of training for this Technician and Heads of Predictive Maintenance and Reliability whose want to certificate their training and improve the status of the assets on their plant. The pass rate index of 87,5%, obtained for Petronor on this journeys, show the excellent results that make first level companies and professional retain confidence in us, in order to improve their specialization.