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Endevco is Meggitt Group Company, world leader in the test instrumentation manufacturer. This product line includes piezoelectric, IEPE, piezoresistive and variable capacity sensors.

TSI represents Endevco in Spain and Portugal.

Within the range of accelerometers, Endevco has launched a new triaxial piezoelectric accelerometer for high temperature applications. This sensor N_59is used for gas turbines applications and withstands temperatures up to 482 °C.

To expand its Shock Sensors range, Endevco has developed two accelerometers, one axial mono axial and a triaxle with similar characteristics, we refer to the models 7280 and 7284 respectively, these two sensors have been manufactured for measuring high accelerations and can withstand up 60,000 G’s.

 In addition, and within its range of electronics products and conditioners, Endevco has launched two new signal conditioners; we refer to the models 123 and 126.

The signal conditioner 123 model has 3 channels and is used for signal conditioning from piezoelectric accelerometers, has a bandwidth of 230Khz and configurable filters.

The 126 Conditioner is a conditioner for measures with gauges, accelerometers with differential output and piezoresistive sensors.

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