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MAINTelligence™ uses a customized multi-tiered approach to asset management, maintenance scheduling, and all condition-based maintenance technologies.

Its offline asset management applications are tailor-made for the evaluation of the health status of plant assets, and to guarantee their reliability in an integrated and automated way.

The condition assessment module can analyze data from multiple disciplines simultaneously, allowing more than one monitoring methodology to be used to confirm machine condition diagnosis. The generated analysis is stored as a result of the condition assessment, which can then be used to generate reports or activate work orders in MAINtelligence™.

The condition assessment module can analyze data from multiple disciplines simultaneously, allowing more than one monitoring methodology to be used to confirm machine condition diagnosis. The generated analysis is stored as a result of the condition assessment, which can then be used to generate reports or activate work orders in MAINtelligence™.

Staying on schedule has never been easier. MAINtelligence™ is designed around SmartSchedule™, a powerful dynamic scheduling system that can create and manage work orders based on condition-based, inspection, and preventive maintenance information. MAINtelligence™ automatically generates work orders and modifies maintenance schedules based on alarms or insight-based diagnostics.

Maintenance schedules reflect changes in your plant environment if data exceeds controlled parameters to optimize smooth workflow.

Automatically generate work orders based on PM data.
PdM procedures are automatically generated in MAINtelligence™ by integrating basic asset care and predictive maintenance findings into a maintenance task schedule for results-based proactive maintenance.

Gone are the days of unused inspection data. Maintenance schedules will automatically change in real-time based on inspection and measured asset condition. Easily integrated with other ERP and EAM systems, the CMMS – DMSI interface will trigger work orders when you need them.

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It provides reliable data and promotes responsibility.

It provides quantifiable data to make decisions based on it.

Predicts and diagnoses equipment failures.

It drives condition based work within your CMMS (SAP, JDE).

Reduce unexpected equipment failures and downtime.

Reveal insights and reports (through dashboards and reports).

It integrates different technologies to create a collaborative environment.


MAINTelligence™ Features

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Equipment reliability

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Work order management

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Planning and scheduling

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Inventory control

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Advanced database management

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Management of requests and purchase orders

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Integration of SAP and ORACLE.


MAINTelligence™ creates a framework that incorporates the CMMS aspects of cost collection and resource allocation with a focus on reliability. Thus, MAINTelligence™ is the ultimate management tool for inspection-based and predictive maintenance data, along with standard corrective and preventive maintenance work orders.


What does MAINTelligence™ connect to?

Vibration analysis

MAINTelligence™ features a vibration analysis module that works with InspectMT and Liberator 502, our single channel vibration device; or with VibeMT and Liberator 604, our 4-channel vibration device.

Create and maintain a complete vibration analysis program with MAINtelligence™. Suitable for all production equipment and environments, MAINtelligence™ interfaces with a wide variety of online and portable vibration data collection devices.

Features include analysis tools such as harmonic and sideband cursors, signal post-processing tools, customizable alarms (general, spectral, narrowband, envelopes), and fault frequency overlays (bearings, gears, blades, belts, etc.). electrical) for each vibration points.


Engine test Equipment

Anticipate electric motor failure before it happens and take steps to prevent it. Integrate your data into MAINtelligence™, along with other predictive data to get a complete picture of the health of your electric motor.


Thermal imaging cameras

MAINTelligence™ has a thermal imaging module that can be connected to Fluke and FLIR cameras used in manual mode for path-based data collection. The Infrared Readout Thermography Module enables viewing of thermal images with a full range of functions, such as multiple palettes, visible light/thermal imaging, image blending, temperature histogram, and more.

  • Import infrared and visible light images from infrared cameras directly into MAINtelligence™.
  • Manage thermographic data alongside other PdM data in MAINtelligence™.
  • Option to share thermal images between departments without camera software.
  • Integrate thermographic data and findings with information from vibrations, oil analysis, ultrasound, and basic asset care programs.


Oil analysis

MAINtelligence™ offers complete control of your oil sampling program:

  • Generate sample bottle labels.
  • Manage your sampling routes.
  • Import results from external oil analysis laboratories.
  • Create custom alarms.
  • I will activate the work based on the results of the samples.
  • Advanced reports

MAINtelligence™ is the first choice of heavy equipment operators and laboratories for mission-critical lubricant analysis programs worldwide. MAINtelligence™ features an extensive library of lubricant data and test types and interfaces with the most popular lubricant test labs and on-site sampling instruments so you can manage your lubricant analysis and contamination control programs on-site or in the laboratory.

We offer you complete control over the sampling cycle, from the generation of sample bottle labels (with full barcodes) to the electronic import of your sample results for a complete solution.


Ultrasonic analysis devices

The ultrasonic analysis offers many benefits for all areas of plant maintenance. Machine failures discovered early are early treatable problems rather than downtime of production assets. Microscopic changes in frictional forces, detectable early with ultrasound, provide a larger window of opportunity for scheduled maintenance and reduced maintenance cost.
MAINtelligence™ interfaces with the SDT 270, UE 15000, and Grease Cart 401.


It replaces paper inspections with modern data collection devices, compatible with most current operating systems.

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Auto-generated work orders based on PM Data PdM procedures are generated in MAINTelligence™ by integrating basic asset care and predictive maintenance results into a results-oriented, proactive maintenance task schedule. Maintenance schedules will be updated in real time based on inspections and the measured condition of the asset. The CMMS – DMSI interface system, easily integrable with other ERP and EAM systems, will launch work orders as needed.

  • Activate work orders based on the status of assets.
  • SAP notifications are automatically assigned to the correct functional locations.

MAINTelligence™ offers a large database and reports

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