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The main objective of the FIBRE4YARDS project (H2020, Grant Number 101006860) is to promote the European global leadership in shipbuilding and maintenance of FRP-based shipyards, through implementation of the Shipyard 4.0 strategy and the introduction of innovative advanced technologies related to the manufacturing processes of FRP vessels. This is of critical importance for the validation and consolidation of this technology in order to maintain the preponderance of the European naval industry in the design and construction of high added value ships.

The consortium of FIBRE4YARDS project coordinated by CIMNE, which will work side by side with a multidisciplinary group of entities from 6 European countries. The 13 partners participating in this innovative project are divided into different stakeholders from the maritime sector as research centers (CIMNE, INEGI, IRT Jules Verne), one University (POLITECHNIKA LODZKA), one shipyard (NAVAL GROUP), one classification society (BV), and several SMEs with relevant experience in the sector and capabilities (COMPASS, CURVE WORKS, IRURENA, 10XL, L-UP, ATEKNEA, and TSI).

The role of TSI in the FIBRE4YARDS project consists in leading one of the eight work packages in which the project is divided, as well as to intensively contribute to other three work packages. In particular, TSI contributes to the development and implementation of a IoT-based monitoring system focused on production control and predictive maintenance of the machinery involved in the manufacturing processes for the construction of FRP vessels proposed by different entities of the consortium. On the other hand, TSI is also responsible for the design of an FRP-based ship (25 m to 49 m length) implementing the manufacturing process adopted in the project. Apart from that, TSI provides its experience in the field of vibrations and noise control to measure and characterize the dynamic properties of FRP panels with several vibration damping treatments, as well as in the demonstrators manufactured in the framework of the project. The demonstrators will be built with the manufacturing methodologies adopted by the project consortium, enabling the validation of the monitoring system based on IoT proposed by TSI. This project defines the strategy adopted by TSI since long time ago with respect to structural health monitoring and predictive maintenance.

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The new URN guides related to underwater noise emitted by commercial maritime transport have been approved and in which TSI has collaborated as a Spanish member of the international committee