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logotipo del proyecto europeo FIBRESHIP
European H2020 programme, Engineering, production and life-cycle management for the complete construction of large-length FIBRE-based SHIPs.. s led by TSI. The goal of FIBRESHIP is to enable the design, construction and operation of large-length vessels in fibre-reinforced polymers (FRP) through the overcoming of several key technical challenges.

To achieve this objective, the project is developing and qualifying innovative composite materials for marine applications, establishing new design and production guidelines and procedures, analysing life cycle strategies and methodologies of monitoring and inspection; and developing new validated computational analysis tools, among other activities related to the shipping market.

The different technologies generated in FIBRESHIP have been validated and demonstrated using advanced simulation techniques and experimental testing. In addition, TSI designed a ship block of a fishing research vessel fully in composites, and it was built as a demonstrator by one of the shipyards involved in the project In this project it is also analysing the behaviour of a composite vessel in terms of URN and N&V on board. FIBRESHIP project is still in progress and it is expected to be finished by the mid of 2020. The FIBRESHIP project consortium developed an Advisory Board engaging the most important companies,

public entities and research centres in the maritime sector, and also prepared 3 public workshops all around Europe to show the progress and conclusions of each of the work packages

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