Update of the Vibration and other parameters Monitoring Systems of Units 1 and 2 of ALMARAZ N.P.P.

Protection and condition monitoring systems, based on the latest digital signal processing and communication interfaces technology developments in the industry, have emerged as the most effective tool to investment in short-term to avoid catastrophic breakdowns, reduce maintenance costs and streamlining its scope cycles, improve performance and ultimately the efficiency of the plant.

Nuclear power is in a continuous process of safety and performance improving  through R & D programs and advances in information technology also with an effective training of the people involved.

In July 1995, TÉCNICAS Y SERVICIOS DE INGENIERÍA, S.L. (TSI) was required by Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant (CNA), to evaluate the existing vibration monitoring systemsin the turbines, pumps and turbo-pumps in order to establish a proposal of improvement .

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31 August, 2015

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