Update of the Advanced Vibration and Loose Parts Monitoring System (AVLPMS) of Units 1 and 2 of Almaraz N.P.P.

Most of the currents and operating Nuclear Power Plants were built in the 70 and 80´s decades. By Specification Requirements, and focused on the detestation of potential “loose parts” in the Primary Circuit, all of them have installed a VLPMS- Vibration Loose Parts Monitoring System-.

These Systems were based on the state of the art of the Data Acquisition Technology at that time. So, some of them could be affected by high obsolescence risk and  spare parts availability.

Within its Continuous Improvement Plan,  Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant, one of the Spanish leading companies in the sector, supported by a specialized local company, launched, in 2.003, the AVLPMS- Advanced Loose Parts Monitoring System- Development Project.

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Project Details

31 August, 2015

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