Silent vessels: Miguel Oliver and Sarmmiento de Gamboa. A milestone for the small and medium sized Spanish shipyards.

In the present Article are described the Methodology of the Noise and Vibration Integral Management and the Noise and Vibration Prediction Techniques, which have given excellent results in the “Emma Bardan” case, as well as the important efforts of Applied Research carried out by the Suppliers of the Main and Auxiliary Equipment, because they are the most affected by the noise and vibration requirements of minimization.

The results of this Own R&D&i Project (without institutional intervention), which have allowed the application to the civil sector of restricted technologies to the military ships, the used Methodology, the experimental results obtained during the Noise Radiated to the Water Measurements, the first time they are applied to this sort of ship, and the final obtained results, are exportable, with no doubt, to every kind of ship: passenger, fishing boats, oceanographic research, etc, with high noise and vibration requirements.

Therefore, and due the high demand of ships with the high performances in relation to comfort and minimization of the underwater noise, in the present article it is focused as a Practical Guide for those professionals of the sector involved in the different tasks of design and construction of this ships.

If it were not for the Ship-owner and Shipyard confidence in the National Suppliers and the Spanish Naval Engineering and its capabilities, this work and its contributions to the sector, would not have been possible. It constitutes a clear example for those shipyards that, succumbing to pressure of the foreign ship-owners, leave these developments in the foreign suppliers’ hands which technological contribution or “feedback” to the national sector is nil.

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31 August, 2015

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