Noise in Ships: the consequences of the R. D. entry in force and its application to the maritime transport.

The Decree actually came into force in March in 2006, as implementation of the Directive 2003/10/EC, addressed to the protection of the workers against the effects on human health of the high noise exposure levels. For its adaptation to the maritime sector, a five year transition period was foreseen, and therefore, since February 15th of 2011, the aforementioned decree have been into force for all the ships in operation regardless the type, size and year built.

That implies that for all the personnel on board the noise exposure levels for an eight hours period must not exceed 87dB(A), and that for those cases in which the noise exposure levels exceed 80dB(A) during an eight hours period, corrective actions shall be applied consisting on the use of hearing protection by the affected workers as well as health preventive measures by means of periodic medical control.

In those cases in which the maximum limit set is exceeded, the ship owner shall apply the appropriate technical and organisational measures allowing to reduce the noise exposure levels of their seafaring men.

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30 August, 2015

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