An example of R&D of the Spanish Shipbuilding Auxiliary Industry: Fishing Research Vessel “MIGUEL OLIVER” Noise & Vibration excellence; All its machinery is ICES NO 209 compliant.

The delivery of the Research Vessel Ship Miguel Oliver, done by the Shipyard M. Cíes to the Secretaría de Pesca Marítima,with Vibration Levels in all the structure below 0,7 mm/s-rms, Noise Levels much less than the levels required by the IMO A.468(XII) Regulation and with all its machinery in the accomplishment of the Underwater Noise (ICES) nº209 Internacional Council for the Exploration of the Sea Requirement, represents an unprecedented milestone in the Spanish Naval Construction. It must be taken into account that the minimization of the acoustic signature of a ship was, so far, an exclusive requirement of the ships for military use.

This result derivates from the high sensibility shown both by the Shipowner: Secretaría de Pesca Marítima and the Shipyard M. Cíes, and the different Suppliers, about the high Dynamic and Acoustic Requirements established for this Ship; which have contributed in a very appreciated way to the final result by means of the development, in a record time.

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31 August, 2015

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