Conclusions and lessons learnt from the Special Measurement Program carried out on board “Superfast Levante”.

“Super-Fast Levante” is a Roll-On/Roll-Off ship of 139.5 m of length between perpendiculars with two shaft lines driving CLT cp-propellers fitted on LIPS hubs and with a propulsion plant of 34,272 BHP. The most updated conclusions from SISTEMAR on the design of CLT blades have been incorporated and a blade area ratio of 0.48 was adopted; this figure was considered by other designers as completely wrong and very high levels of vibrations were predicted by those designers.

The performance of the ship with regard both to noise and vibration levels as well as the ship speed are excellent. With the aim to know the influence of the cavitation developed on the CLT blades over the vibration levels, UNION NAVAL VALENCIA ordered to the Spanish Company T.S.I. to conduct a special program of vibration measurements in different points of the structure, paying special attention to the stern post areas located above the propellers, and also on the steering gear room

From the study carried out it is deduced that vibration and noise levels have not only been lower than those requested by ISO 6954 rules but furthermore, they can be qualified as excellent

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31 August, 2015

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