And until hydrogen cells are improved, Why don’t we reduce the vessels’ maintenance costs? CBM-Condition Based Maintenance- as a tool.

While a viable technological alternative does not appear in the current scenario of high fuel prices, the reality is that every day is higher the number of companies exposed to the stoppage of its lines or closing for lack of competitiveness.

Examining the Operating Account of vessels (civilian or military) two budgets are identified (in addition to fuel): Staff and Maintenance Costs, subject to optimization.

The first has been answered: Automated Vessels or reducing crew qualification (security implications).  With the second, except some cases, it hasn’t done anything significant in the Maritime Sector

The CBM – Condition Based Maintenance or Predictive Maintenance is a methodology that has allowed to all industries without exception (barring Marine) adapt to new scenes for reducing maintenance costs and staff. The Maritime Sector in general, and Spanish, in particular, has an unexplained “gap” in the generalization of this methodology.

This paper aims at open a discussion to invite to review the “rigid” positions and facilitate an exit technically supported and viability to the sector.

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30 August, 2015

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