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Wilcoxon Sensing Systems has a wide selection of high quality, long-lasting accelerometers to monitor vibration, found on rotating industrial machinery including motors, fans, pumps, gearboxes, blowers, machine tool spindles, compressors, chillers, rollers, and mixers.

Maintenance and reliability professionals use Wilcoxon accelerometers for preventative maintenance and condition based monitoring.

  • General Purpose Sensors
sensor_propósito general_1

736T, 786C, 786B-10, 793-10, 766, 726T, 726, 746, 786ª, 780ª, 780B, 780C, 786F, 787A, 787B

  • High Frequency
sensor_alta frecuencia_3

997-M4, 736T, 712F, 997, 712F-M4

  • Low Frequency
sensor_baja freciencia_3

731A, 786LF, 731-207, 786-500, 786-500-D2, 799LF, 799M, HV201LF-500, HV100LF-500

  • High Temperature
sensor_alta temeratura_4

HT786A, HT787A, HT780A, 793-6, 797-6

  • Hazardour Area IEPE
pc420_area restringida_5

786A-IS, 786A-M12-IS, 786-500-IS, 786-500-D2, 786F-IS, 786f-D2, 787A-IS, 787A-D2, 780ª-D2

  • Dual: Vibration & Temperature
sensor_vibración dual y temeperatura_6

786T, 787T, 786T-IS, 786T-D2

  • Triaxial

993B-7-M12, 993B-7, 993B-6, 993B-5, 993A-5, 993ª, 993B-7-33

  • Velocity

793V, 797V, 793VR, 793V100-5, 793V-5, 893V

  • High Voltage Isolation

HV201, HV100, HV201LF-500, HV100LF-500

  • Radiation – Resistant
sensor_resistentes a radiación_9

793R, 797R, 793VR.

  • Low-Power, Low-Voltage
sensor_baja potencia y tensión_11

LPA100T, LPA100T-D2

WILCOXON SENSING TECHNOLOGIES is a leading supplier for high performance vibration monitoring and sensing solutions.

Their top quality vibration sensors and accessories are trusted by OEMs, major manufacturers, and important organizations around the world. Wilcoxon accelerometers, 4-20 mA sensors, transmitters and instrumentation provide accurate and reliable vibration measurements for a wide range of markets and demanding applications.a