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  • Slimline VM600

This rack is particularly suitable for industrial environments, where equipment must be permanently installed in 19″ cabinets or panels. Each rack has a standard height of 1U and provides mounting space for one VM 600 series card. The rack has a built-in backplane which assures the electrical interconnection between power supply unit, signal processing card, acquisition card, input/output and relay card.

  • Rack ABE

19” System Rack. Robust aluminium construction. VM600 system racks are used to house hardware for the VM600 series of machinery protection systems and condition monitoring systems .Backplane supporting the VME bus, the VM600 system’s raw signal, tacho and open collector (OC) buses, and power supply distribution. Power supply check relay. One or two RPS6U power supplies can be installed in a VM600 system rack on a redundant or non redundant way. Temperature range: -25 ºC to 65º C

  • CPUM

VM600 CPUM / IOCN rack controller and communications interface card pair with support for Modbus RTU/ TCP or PROFINET, and a front-panel display .

“One-Shot” configuration management of protection cards (MPC4 and AMC8) in a VM600 rack using an Ethernet or RS-232 serial connection to a computer running the VM600 MPSx software.

Two Ethernet connections and up to three serial connections (RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485) can run simultaneously.

Communications gateway between VM600 and third-party systems, such as a DCS or PLC

  • MPC4
  • Continuously online machinery protection card . Real-time measurement and monitoring .
  • 4 dynamic signal inputs and 2 tachometer (speed) inputs, all individually programmable.
  • 7 front panel LEDs show status and alarms
  • Simultaneous amplitude and phase monitoring in order tracking mod
  • Programmable Alert, Danger and OK set points
  • XMV16

Online machinery monitoring card.

  • 16 dynamic vibration channels and 4 tachometer channels, all individually configurable.
  • Up to 20 configurable processed outputs per channel
  • High-resolution FFT up to 6 400 lines every 1 s
  • 5 configurable severities per processed output and 8 detection levels with hysteresis and time delay.
  • The XMV16 card acquires and processes data in high-resolution (24-bit A DC) to generate the desired waveforms and spectra.
  • AMC8
  • 8 channels of temperature and process monitoring for VM600 systems .
  • 8 channels of software configurable functions: thermocouple (TC), resistance temperature detector (RTD), current and voltage inputs.
  • Analog signal inputs in 0 to 25 mA and 0 to 10 V range on any channel.
  • Cold-junction compensation (CJC) sensor processing on two selectable channels
  • Current outputs (optionally, voltage outputs).
  • Four relay outputs attributable to alarm signals under software control
  • RLC 16
  • Relay card with screw terminal strip.
  • 16 relays with change-over contacts.
  • Relay driver inverter logic (jumper selectable).
  • Vibrosmart
  • System of modular and scalable products designed for condition monitoring and machinery protection applications for power generation turbines, oil and gas applications and auxiliary balance-of-plant equipment.
  • Can be mounted directly on machinery, reducing the need for expensive cabling
  • Performs the data acquisition and all of the signal processing (filtering, analog-to-digital conversion, time and frequency domain processing, and resampling) required to produce processed outputs and extracted data for physical output and data presentation in VibroSight and VibroSight Scope. This includes spectral band extractions, advanced FFT analysis, trending and limit checks (alarm and sensor OK), and run-up / rundown acquisition.
  • 2 individually configurable dynamic input channels with up to 19 kHz bandwidth
  • Up to 20 configurable processed outputs per module
  • Spectrum analyzer (FFT) up to 1 600 lines every 1 s
  • Up to 4 alarms per processed output, with hysteresis and time delay.
  • Redundant communications and redundant power supply inputs to improve availability
  • Analog outputs: 2 local outputs configurable as either 4-20 mA or ± 5 V
  • 2 local SPDT relays
  • Software Vibrosight
  • Machinery vibration monitoring and analysis
  • Air-gap monitoring and analysis for hydroelectric generators
  • Dynamic combustion monitoring and analysis
  • Digitisation and recording of continuous long duration waveforms
  • The following types of plot are included as standard in the VibroSight Vision catalogue of plots: • Static plots: Bar Chart, Bode, Correlation, Polar, Shaft Centreline, Table, Trend • Dynamic plots: Orbit, Spectrogram, Spectrum, Full Spectrum, Waterfall/Cascade, Full Waterfall/Cascade, Waveform
  • The following external interfaces are supported: MODBUS, OPC and/or PROFIBUS
  • Proximity Transducers
  • Probe Mounting Adaptors
  • Accelerometers
  • Dynamic Pressure Trnasducers
  • Velocity Transducers
  • Air Gap
  • VM600 System
  • Partial Discharge Monitoring System

Meggitt Sensing Systems designs and manufactures complete condition monitoring and vibration monitoring and measurement solutions. Our comprehensive, high-quality range of transducers, sensors, cabling, electronics, software and associated hardware gives you total solutions for monitoring and protecting your critical machines and processes. Our Vibro-Meter® products include vibration sensors, dynamic pressure sensors, proximity sensors, air-gap sensors, expansion probes, ice-detection sensors, VM600 rack based systems, VibroSmart® and VibroSight® systems and more.

Vibro-Meter® is a Meggitt’s company, focused on the production of sensors and monitoring systems (hardware/software) for rotating machinery applications. TSI is Vibro-Meter’s sales representative in Spain since 1992 and Ecuador since 2012.