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  • 2280
2280 accelerometer
  • High temperature triaxial piezoelectric accelerometer for shock and vibration measurements
  • The design provides mechanical isolation of the sensing assembly from the mounting surface, minimizing base strain sensitivity. The unit is hermetically sealed and signal ground is isolated from the outer case of the unit.
  • Temperature range: -54 a 482 ºC
  • Frequency response +/-5% desde 10 a 4000 Hz
  • Charge Sensitivity 3 pC/g
  • 2276
2276_1 accelerometer
  • Precision piezoelectric accelerometer for shock and vibration measurement of structures subjected to very high temperatures. It is capable of operation in nuclear environments during the presence of Gamma and Neutron radiation
  • The unit constructed using Inconel is designed with mechanical isolation that provides extremely low strain sensitivity (base strain)
  • Temperature Range: -55ºC + 482 ºC
  • Amplitude Response 1 a 5000 Hz (+/-5%)
  • Requires no external power
  • Sensitivity 10 pC/g
  • 2278
  • Piezoelectric acclerometer to be used on nuclear applications.
  • Temperature Range: -55ºC + 650 ºC.
  • Frequency Response 1 a 4000 Hz +/-5% Hz.
  • Requires no external power.
  • Sensitivity 4 pC/g.

Meggitt HTP origins after the divestures of low temperature activities related to the Endevco brand.

In fact Meggitt Energy Equipment retained all products with operative capabilities above 260°C

As a leading provider of pressure and vibration sensors for the most demanding aerospace, nuclear, turbine

and industrial control measurement applications, Meggitt’s advanced sensors are specialized to withstand the

challenges of extreme environments.

Over a half century of high temperature innovation from Meggitt

  • 1970’s First high temperature (900°F, 482°C ) piezoelectric crystal developed
  • 1980’s First tourmaline sensor developed (1400°F, 760°C)
  • 2019 Higher temp sensor developed (1500°F, 815°C)

Long term, stable performance

Small size & lightweight

Proven, reliable design and manufacturing legacy