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Objectives: he main objective of the seminar is to train attendees to implement predictive maintenance programs focus to: Reduce losses of unexpected plant shutdowns, to reduce maintenance costs, to minimize failures and / or unexpected breakdowns and to maintain high equipment reliability.

  • Review of Basic Concepts of MPA.
  • Introduction to “Breakdown Consulting”. Knowledge and “practical” Specialization in Fault Diagnosis Techniques: Variable Speed Tests, Modal Analysis, etc; and Correction Methods: Dynamic Balance: One and two planes; Reinforced structures, etc.
  • Real Practical Cases of Diagnosis and Resolution. Attention to Fault Cases presented by attendees.

Aimed at: Maintenance technicians, Plant Managers, Engineering Departments, Project engineers, Department’s Managers, Quality Control. No previous knowledge or experience is needed. It is advisable to have prior knowledge of this methodology and its tools (TSI MPA Course).

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