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Between November 14th and 18th took place at NAVANTIA’s facilities in Cartagena, the specialized and adapted course on Noise and Vibrations in the design of generator sets and failure analysis. This course has provided NAVANTIA’s workers who attended the course with specialized and updated training for making their ships quieter. Mr. Publio Beltrán Palomo, TSI’s General Manager, has been in charge of giving the training to the students. With more than 40 years of experience in noise and vibration analysis in different sectors, Mr. Publio Beltrán provides a broad and consistent vision of the different topics to be addressed within the training itinerary. The main modules that were taught ranged from a review of the basic concepts of acoustics and vibrations in diesel engines and diesel generator sets; the application of noise and vibration measurement techniques in diesel engines, generators, and sets for the determination of different parameters; and the identification of vibration and noise problems in engines, to the analysis of failure diagnosis of propulsion engines and diesel generator sets through the measurement, analysis and control of vibrations. This course consisted of 40 teaching hours and ended with an excellent rate of satisfaction on the part of the students, who gave a 10 out of 10, highlighting the teaching work and the application of what they learned to their respective jobs.

The training was completed achieving the proposed objectives such as a review and update of the design criteria from the dynamic and acoustic point of view in Diesel Generator Sets, the familiarization with the Dynamic Behavior and the typical Failures in Diesel Engines and Diesel Generator Sets, and the Predictive Failure Maintenance (PFM) or Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) in this type of units. The effort in the specialization and continuous learning of the personnel of companies like NAVANTIA, is a clear example of how to forge a workplace which complies with the established standards and ensures to provide the best services to its customers.

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We are very pleased to announce that Mr. Publio Beltrán, founder and CEO of TSI – Técnicas y Servicios de Ingeniería, S.L., has been awarded in the prestigious category of “Outstanding Professional” in the FINE 2024 Awards competition. This recognition is a well-deserved tribute to his tireless dedication, exemplary leadership and constant commitment to excellence in the Spanish shipbuilding industry.