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Noise control activities in a new ship project, from conceptual design to validation in official Sea Trials, become essential to meet comfort noise requirements, airborne noise radiated to the harbour underwater radiated noise established in the Specifications.


For acoustic comfort control in the design stages of the projects is using simulation tools. The results obtained from these calculations are validated in the official Sea Trials stages through different measurement and test campaigns, such as: comfort noise measurements, sound reduction index measurements, structural noise measurements, transmissibility measurements, underwater radiated noise measurements, ., etc.


#HBK has one of the most extensive range of products for acoustic measurements and tests. HBK provides expert and reliable acoustic solutions to carried out acoustic measurements during the validation stages of the projects.

TSI has been using Brüel & Kjaer products since the beginning of its activity in 1983. The use of these type of equipment is essential for TSI´s activities.

From TSI, we want to thank #HBK for its full dedication to the field of acoustics, providing technological solutions of great value since its origins in 1942.

TSI is very grateful to #HBK for the contribution to the development and continuous improvement of our activity and, on this particular occasion, for granting us a virtual space on its website where, through the following link, you can learn a little more detail about our technical and professional HBK-TSI synergy.