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From 13 to 14 of October, the University of Strathclyde has hosted in Glasgow the international conference on Maritime Safety and Operations (MSO-2016). This conference was organized in relation with the final steps of the INCASS EU-research project that has recently granted a six months extension to complete and improve its powerful outcomes. In this regards, the day before the MSO conference the 10th plenary INCASS meeting took place aimed to discuss and organize such new challenging period in agreement with the EU requirements.

The MSO conference was attended by relevant stakeholders of the shipping and maritime industry in addition to international regulators as the IMOInternational Maritime Organization and EMSA -European Maritime Safety Agency (left picture). The MSO conference has been the last international event in a series of meetings and workshops hosted over the last 3 years that reveals the high interest on the improvement of the inspection techniques on board vessels developed within the INCASS project.

In this framework, TSI has presented during the MSO conference the validation process of its new multi-technology recorder, the IDAO-Inspection and Diagnosis Assisted by Operator. This platform has been developed with the aim to enhance CBM inspection procedures to pave the way for a cultural change that eases the involvement of the crew in this type of activities. This way, any member of the crew has the capability to contribute in the assessment and monitoring of the machinery condition.

IDAO enables us to group many measurement techniques in a unique portable equipment enabling the operator to save time (vibration, temperature, thermography, ultrasound, currents, images etc…). Moreover, the use of this equipment can harmonize crew training and management of the device.

The market version of the IDAO equipment is already available achieving an optimum product positioning thanks to its balanced price in relation with performances. On top of that, taking advantage of the granted INCASS extension, over the next six months an IDAO equipment will be made available to relevant ship operators and partners for training and product customization according to their particular needs and routines.

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