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During January 2014, JAL- Jefatura de Apoyo Logístico- headquarters, it has taken place Seminar regarding vibrations and noise on board ships, acoustic signature “and CBM- Condition Based Maintenance, aimed managers, officers, and civilian personnel of the Spanish Navy. Imagen1The seminar has been also attended by NAVANTIA´s technicians.

The objective was to familiarize with these concepts in order to introduce these aspects in the Contractual Specifications.

There was a monograph focused on CBM Condition Based Maintenance. Methodology that is aimed to reduce the cost of operation and maintenance and increased availability of the vessels

After a review of the bases of this methodology and the tools for its development, practical aspects for its establishment were also analysed. Finally, as evidence of the Spanish Navy in the implementation of CBM, the CESADAR- Monitoring Centre and Data Analysis Navy work was pointed out.

The seminar was taught by Mr. Beltran, naval engineer with over 38 years of experience solving vibration and noise in all types of facilities.

At the end of the seminar, a Clients´ Satisfaction Index fill out by the attendants, the obtained indicator was 8.34 points out of 10.

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